Drainline Video Inspection

Fast Peek

Ratech’s All-In-One, fully portable Fast Peek© video inspection system is the result of customer feedback requesting a compact, lightweight inspection system for service line inspection.

Located on the handle, the 7.0" bright LCD monitor can easily be adjusted to a comfortable viewing angle by the operator. Easily accessible top mounted monitor controls include power, mode, aspect ratio (screen size) and menu plus set buttons for various on-screen menus.

An adjustable sun hood is included to act as a sun shield as well as a screen protector for the monitor when transporting the system.

Mounted on the side of the unit is the AC/DC power source which includes controls for all camera functions such as camera test terminal, AC/DC input, Video/Audio I/O, condenser microphone with on/off switch and keyboard input. Keyboard for titling is also included.
Now add an optional SD digital card recorder or laptop interface to further enhance your recording options.

Plumber's Mate


Inspection Cameras
• Compact camera design - (1.375"D x 1.85"L)
• Inspects from 2-10" pipes
• 512Hz In-line transmitter
• Shock and water resistant encapsulated high resolution low lux camera module
• High intensity LED lighting with polycarbonate cover
• Anti-scratch, high impact sapphire lens viewing window
• Durable stainless steel housing
• Includes 2" sleeve and 3" finned skid
• Heavy duty flexible spring assembly

Monitor/Camera Control Unit
• 7.0" BRIGHT Active Matrix TFT LCD monitor 100% Solid State w/speaker
• Adjustable monitor angle for optimum viewing
• On-screen counter with time, date and keyboard/screenwriter
• Sun Shield / Screen Protector
• Adjustable black anodized aluminum protective housing

Cable Reel/Coiler Assembly
• 120 VAC / 12 VDC Camera/Power control module
• Camera light head dimmer control
• Audio In/Out connections
• Condenser microphone
• Combination push rod video cable, 0.475"D with low friction polypropylene jacket
• Water-proof, dual jacket Gel RodTM cable
• Sealed continuous contact slip ring assembly; maintenance free
• 7.0" wheels for easy transport over rough terrain
• Overall size 32"H x 14"W x 27"D
• Tough durable powder coat paint finish
• Standard Length 200' (100' and 300' also available)
• Weight 55 lbs (w/200' of cable)
• Protective cable reel cover included

Optional Equipment

• Self-Leveling Camera
• 512Hz Receiver with Depth Readout (also available in Deluxe Version)
• Battery Pack, on board or external
• Roller Skid for 6", 8" and 10" Straight Runs.
• Laptop Interface
• SD card recorder


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