Drainline Video Inspection

Gel Rod

Gel Rod cable is a patented product that withstands the tough abuse that cables are exposed to in a pipeline. Gel Rod is unique in that there is a Gel substance within the jacketed cable that acts as a barrier to water migration if your cable ever gets cut or sliced during a pipe inspection. The Gel inside will beome hard when exposed to air and in so doing will help stop water from penetrating and corroding the internal wires throughout the push-rod. If water penetrates the cable there could be a potential problem by possibly even travelling to the camera head and shorting out the camera module. The Gel inside our cable prevents this from occurring.

The other unique feature of Gel Rod is that it has a dual layer jacket. The outer jacket is a blue color and the second jacket is a yellow color. If the outer layer gets cut or knicked or sliced you will visually see the second jacket, the yellow color. This gives the operator a visual warning that there has possibly been some damage to the push-rod cable and that he should take immediate note or action.

Gel Rod cable also has a stiffer fiberglass rod than other conventional cables on the market. This feature will allow you to push your cable further.

Gel Rod


Key Benefits
• Available in many different cable lengths.
• We can customize the cable length for you.
• Available on all Ratech camera systems including our small Ultra Micro..


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