Mainline Video Inspection

Jet Cam

The NEW Ratech Jet-Cam allows users of any Ratech system to add a low cost, durable machined skid to their camera and jetter. This new skid propels down the pipeline and both cleans with your jetter and video’s your pipeline at the same time. Using Ratech’s built-in camera you can see clearly the condition of the pipeline while your jetter cleans the line.

Available to mount on Ratech’s Jet-Cam skid is your choice of black and white, standard color, self-leveling or Pan n’ Tilt© camera. You can inspect 6-18" pipes with ease by hooking the Jet-Cam skid to your camera and jetter hose.

A deluxe or basic setup package is available. The ba sic setup includes a manual hand-crank reel whereas the deluxe setup includes a motorized drum reel with automatic rewind and leveling.

Jet Cam


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