Locator/Receiver 8872

The Ratech 8872© cable, pipe and fault locator is specially designed to detect buried inspection camera sondes, power cables, CATV cables, gas lines, water pipes, sewer lines, telephone cables, and fiber optic cables with sheath.

It’s light weight and rugged compact design make it an ideal choice for locating your Ratech camera head. The locator is capable of locating the 512 Hz frequency emitted by most sondes in the pipeline inspection industry.

It’s multiple array of features offers the user the flexibility to accurately locate through most pipelines; including cast iron pipe. Features such as: absolute signal strength indicator, multiple frequencies, depth measurement, volume control, peak or null mode, and gain adjust complement the unit. The receiver is capable of performing line traces in buried pipelines using the optional direct coupling device.

The 8872 locator also offers a headphone jack on the back of the receiver head.



• Light weight (3 lbs)
• Analog receiver
• Multiple trace modes
• Durable enclosure
• Operating frequency: 512Khz, 512Hz, 50\60
• Temperature Range:
Operating -4° to 133°F (-20° to 55°C) /
Storage -40° to 158°F (-40° to 70°C)

Operational Modes
• Antenna Modes:
Null (verical coil)
Variable (horizontal coil)
• Variable pitch audio indication

Trace Modes
• Dynamic range : 126 dB

Depth Measurement
• Automatic: Push button 3 digital readout to 15'
• Manual: Bubble level triangulation for verification of automatic readout in congested environments

Current Measurement
• Display indication relative current simultaneously between any
two selected cables for target cable verifications in a
multi-conductor environment

Battery Life
• 40 hours, typical
• 82 hours, intermittent
• Six Alkaline size “C” included


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