Mini Crawler PNTTM

Mini Crawler PNTTM

Pole Cam

For 5"- 30" Pipe Diameter
Camera Rotates a full 360 degrees,
210 degrees up/down
Automatic Self-Leveling Mode
12 Super-Bright LEDs
4-wheel Drive
Built-in Camera Lift

The Ratech Mini Crawler PNTTM is a self-propelled 4-wheel drive multi-conductor camera transporter. The 12 Super-bright LEDs with variable light intensity control will have no problem lighting your way through a 5" diameter pipe all the way through a 30" diameter. Using the manual built-in camera lift will allow you to center the pan n tilt camera in the proper pipe size.

The Mini Crawler PNTTM is a robust, stainless steel tractor that will give you many efficient hours of pipe inspection. Whether it's for manhole to manhole inspections or small lateral pipes the crawler will navigate through places that initially you thought would be impossible. Utilizing the full 360 degree rotation pan n’ tilt camera, you will be able to see defects and obstructions more closely and in more detail. This same pan n’ tilt camera head is interchangeable with the head on the pan n' tilt push camera system. The power and controls to operate the crawler are in a handy remote control device. There is also a conveniently built-in 512Hz sonde for locating purposes.

The different wheel-sets are easily inter-changeable and allow you to set up for different pipe sizes. All in all, the Mini crawler PNTTM can be adapted to the Mini Mainline system as the main crawler or as a Push and Crawl camera on any of the Ratech push camera systems on the market today.


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