Mainline Video Inspection

Mini Mainline

Ratech developed the Portable Mini-Mainline© for small to medium sized municipalities and contractors looking for an affordable entry level mainline video inspection system. This portable format means off-road hard to access areas are no longer a problem. Simply unload the system and roll it to the work site.

The portability of the Mini-Mainline system is ideal for those difficult access areas such as easements and ravines. Although portable, the Mini-Mainline system can easily be loaded into a standard cargo van or trailer. It can then be off-loaded as required at the inspection site. The system is also easily broken down to fit in a small minivan or the trunk of a large sized vehicle.

The unique design allows the operator to monitor the video picture safely away from the manhole instead of having to work directly in front or near it. An optional removable monitor tray table makes it convenient for the operator to comfortably monitor the inspection in an off-road situation.

For you convenience the mini-mainline is available with either our torpedo crawler, RST crawler, or standard RCT-310S tractor.

Mini Mainline


• Can operate either a Pan n’ Tilt color or Straight View inspection camera
• Inspects from 4"to 48" pipes depending on crawler selection
• Lighting is provided with a Lo-Profile 170 watt exterior light head
• DVD Recorder or SD for recording of inspection
• Cart Dimensions: 26"D x 30"W x 44"H


• Five (5) individual power & control modules built-in for easy repair or replacement
• Camera remote functions light head control + crawler controls built-in
• On-screen distance display + titling included
• System power and fuse module
• 9" High resolution monitor
• SD recorder available or DVD recorder built-in
• Weight: 80 lbs

Cable Reel

• Choice of 500' or 1000' of cable (500' standard)
• 18 conductor continuous contact maintenance free sealed slip ring assembly
• Power rewind
• Cable level wind assembly
• Electronic distance counter
• Weight w/500' cable and optional tray table: 250 lbs

Optional Equipment

• Pan n’ Tilt or Straight View mainline inspection cameras with remote features
• Camera Transporter/Crawler (Torpedo, RST, RCT-310S Transporter)
• 1400 Watt Gas powered generator - voltage regulated
• 1000' (320m) of video inspection cable
• Laptop interface


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