New Video Pipeline Products

Upload your Ratech inspection videos directly from the jobsite to allow your customers to
watch their pipe inspection immediately on You Tube from anywhere in the world.

How do you do this?

Its easy, create a YouTube account and password so that you have a webspace to upload your inspection videos.

Using the Apple products interface hook up your Ratech control unit to your iphone, ipad or ipod.

When you want to start recording the inspection onto your ipad or iphone or ipod press the record button on the control panel. When you are finished recording press the record button again. Your recording is now on your iphone or ipad or ipod.

Find the saved file and click on the “Send to YouTube” icon.

The iphone or ipad will ask you for your YouTube username and password. Enter this information and click on “Upload video”

That’s it! You’re done! Tell your customer to now go view the inspection on the internet by logging onto your YouTube account.

New ProductsHow do you benefit?
1. Quick and easy One-touch recording
2. No more DVDs or USB thumbdrives or SD cards or VHS tapes to provide your customer
3. Instant viewing of the inspection from anywhere in the world by using the internet
4. Immediate information of what is wrong with your sewer or pipe
5. Adaptable on any New or existing Ratech pipe inspection video systems (not including MiniPeeks or PH-JR products)
6. No need to make copies of the video
7. Be more organized- one central location for all your pipe inspections
8. Low cost add-on to your Ratech system

Coming Soon, compatibility for your BlackBerry or Android phone!

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