Mainline Video Inspection

Pan n' Tilt

Ratech’s Color Pan n’ Tilt© Camera is specifically designed for the internal inspection of storm and sanitary sewer lines with a minimum diameter of 6" (150mm). The camera is capable of providing a close-up view of the sewer pipe walls, services, cracks and joints by remotely tilting and panning the camera lens which is controlled by the operator in the studio control center.

The completely self-contained, 100% solid state camera is enclosed in a rugged, waterproof housing specifically designed for use in the adverse environmental conditions found in sewer lines. The camera can be used with most skid assemblies or camera transporters without any modification to either component.

The image sensor is of a CCD type, capable of producing a superior low light sensitivity of 1.0 Lux and a horizontal resolution of 460 lines. Directional lighting for the camera is supplied by a field replaceable, high intensity, 24 white LED lighting module. The module is mounted in the rotating head and top mounted auxiliary lighting of up to 170 watts is available for larger lines. Operating temperature for the camera is -10°C to 50°C. (14°F to 122°F).

Pan N Tilt


Electronic Data
• Image sensor: 1/3" Color CCD
• Sensitivity: 1.0 Lux @ f1.2
• Power source: 12 VDC
• Horizontal scan: 15.734 kHZ
• Vertical scan: 59.940 kHZ
• Resolution: 460 lines or better
• Auto white balance
• Video output: 1.0V P-P

Pan n’ Tilt Camera
• Full 360° continuous rotation
• “Auto-Home” positioning
• Solid-state color CCD imager chip
• Auto iris & remote focus
• Auto white balance circuitry
• Front view port impact resistant quartz optical glass
• Black, hard anodized aluminum rotating head and stainless steel body
• Minimum pipe diameter: 6.0" (150mm)
• One (1) Twenty Four (24) white high intensity LED
field replaceable directional light ring

Lens Optical Data
• 6mm F1.4 - 360 “C” mount standard
• Remote focus
• Auto iris

• Rotating head housing: Hard black anodized aluminum
• Stainless steel rear housing
• Rear housing dimensions: 3.0"D x 12"L
• Head dimensions: 4.0"W x 6.75"L
• Water resistant connector: 8-Pin
• Weight: 12 lbs. (5.5 Kg)
• Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)

Optional Equipment

• RCT-3105 Transporter


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