Drainline Video Inspection

PH Jr.

Ratech’s PH JR. small pipe inspection system is available with a FULL SPECTRUM SELF-LEVELING COLOR CAMERA or A STANDARD COLOR camera at a very affordable price; maintaining all the quality of our high end systems.

The miniature color inspection camera measures just 1.375" Diameter by 1.85" in length and is capable of inspecting pipe diameters as small as 2" (straight runs) while also negotiating 90 degree bends in 3" and larger pipes and services.

Lighting for both cameras is accomplished by high intensity LED lights producing a detailed color/B&W picture for easy analysis of problems found.

The PH JR. camera control unit (CCU) is a modified Hi-Res 9" color surveillance monitor with controls including a camera test terminal and video input/output for DVD recording and playback. It comes complete with an adjustable sun hood/protective cover.

Plumber's Mate Jr.


Inspection Cameras
• Compact camera design - Color (1.375"D x 1.85"L)
• Cameras inspect from 2-10" pipes
• 512Hz In-Line transmitter
• Shock and water resistant optimized rugged camera module
• High sensitive CCD technology
• High intensity LED lighting with polycarbonate cover
• Scratch resistant sapphire lens viewing window
• Durable stainless steel housing
• Includes 2" sleeve and 3" finned skid
• Camera removal tool

Monitor / Camera Control Unit
• 9" Hi-Res industrial COLOR monitor with tilt stand
• Lights: variable intensity
• Camera test socket
• Camera input terminal
• Video I/O terminals
• Power: 110-130 VAC, 60 Hz
• Size: 11.0"W x 10.0"H x 14.0"D
• Weight: 18 lbs

Push Cable
•Combination push rod-video cable, 0.475"D with low friction polypropylene jacket
• Water-proof, dual jacket Gel RodTM cable
• 200' (60 meters) standard length included (lengths up to 400' available)

• Overall size: 32"H x 14"W x 27"D
• Slip-ring: sealed, continuous contact, maintenance free
• Weight: 45 lbs (w/ 200' of cable) - Balance optimized
• Tough, durable powder coat paint finish
• Protective cable reel cover included

Optional Equipment

• Self-Leveling Color Camera
• 512Hz Receiver with Depth Readout (also available in Deluxe Version)
• Monitor Carrying Case
• Roller Skid for 6", 8" and 10" straight runs


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