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Snap Lock

Snap Lock© is a localized, no-dig repair system which renovates the defective section of a sewer. It is the most economical, efficient system for the quick repair of damaged areas in a sewer whose overall good condition make evacuation and entire relining unnecessarily expensive and disruptive options.

The Snap Lock© system uses a repair module with a specially designed rubber seal which guarantees a leakproof interface with the defective section of pipe. The seal is supported by a corrosion-resistant stainless steel sleeve, and is pressed against the pipe wall by the circumferential extension of the sleeve. The installation process locks the Snap Lock© module permanently in position.

The Snap Lock© repair module is comprised of a cylindrical stainless steel sleeve surrounded by an outer sleeve of rubber incorporating a specially designed seal. The stainless steel has a high durability and a resistance to most chemicals including hydrogen sulphide. The outer sleeve of buadienstryene rubber is also chemically resistant. Hydrophilic rubber bonded to the outer sleeve expands up to 300% in the presence of water, ensuring a completely watertight repair.

Snap Lock


Key Benefits
• Treat cracks, fractures and defective joints to prevent infiltration and exfiltration
• Abandoned connections can be sealed off to prevent odors, access to vermins,
and silt ingress
• A simple mechanical system that does not require the use of resins or chemicals
• The stainless steel and chemically resistant rubber compounds used in Snap Lock©
ensure high longevity
• Snap Lock© can be used with all common sewer pipe materials
(clay, concrete, pvc, etc...)
• Safe for use in potable water applications

Reinforcement of Joints
Snap Lock© reinforces the pipe joints, but has enough flexibility to cope with any
movement or displacement after installation with no detriment to its sealing properties.

Complete Water-Sealing
The application pressure combined with the hydrophilic seals ensures that the repair
is totally effective against infiltration or exfiltration

Prevention of Root Ingress
The intimate seal between the Snap Lock© module and the existing pipe cuts off the
path for re-entry of roots into the sewer.


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