Mainline Video Inspection

Torpedo Crawler

The Ratech Torpedo© Remote Wheeled Camera Transporter is a self-propelled multi conductor camera transporter. Equipped with a built-in 380 line resolution color camera, it is capable of inspecting 4" and 6" mainline sewers and water mains from a single entry point. Gone are the days when an inspection had to be aborted due to blockages, dead ends, single hole entry or excessive traffic areas.

The self-propelled crawler allows single hole entry to reach dead end lines and blockages where winch pulled cameras can not reach. Manhole to manhole inspections are completed
in less time by eliminating winch setup. The transporter has two sets of wheels; one set for 4" pipe and another for 6" pipe. With it’s powerful 1/8 HP motor, transmission and gearing it
will overcome obstacles and make easy work of most lines.

The power and controls to operate the transporter are supplied through the existing multi conductor TV cable in the vehicle. Two conductors are required with a minimum of #20 Awg in size. The unit is adaptable to most systems currently on the market.

The RCT-668N’s rugged design, high performance, durability and reliability make it an excellent addition to your existing camera systems.

Torpedo Crawler


Electronic Data
• 100% Solid state
• Operating voltage: 0-90 Volts DC (Variable)
• Operating current: 0-1 Amps DC
• Motor rating: 1/8 HP 90 Volt DC
• Water resistant connectors: 7-Pin ; bulkhead motor housing mounted
• Conductors: 2, #20 Awg. or larger insulated from all circuits and ground

Drive System

• 1/8 HP Heavy duty DC drive sealed motor
• Power forward and reverse remotely controlled from studio
• Speed: Variable from 0-50 FPM (Feet Per Minute)


• Tractor Body: Polished bronze
• Overall length: 15.0"
• Wheels included for 4" and 6" pipe
• Weight: 22 lbs (10 kg) approx.

Color Camera
• Color camera built-in
• 380 lines of resolution
• 16 (sixteen) high intensity white LED lights with polycarbonate cover
• Rugged shock and water resistant camera module
• Highly sensitive CCD Technology
• Scratch resistant, high impact sapphire viewing lens
• Durable stainless steel housing


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